Granny Gang

Look good. Do Good. With Granny Gang knits.

Our handcrafted readymade beauties are made with love and care by our Granny Gang. 

Each Granny Gang collection is limited to a handful of knits, and every one is completely handmade using our soft and squishy 100% Aussie merino wool. They are all unique and will all make a gorgeously cozy addition to your wardrobe. 

Meet our Granny Gang

Our Granny Gang is made up of a passionate group of knitters whose work we’re celebrating through our ready to wear collections.

Each member of our Granny Gang has spent years knitting and they know the joy of wearing something that’s been made by hand. They’ve joined the gang and knit our ready to wear jumpers just for you guys. How special is that! 

Creating connections between young and old is something we’re passionate about here at Cardigang, and we’ve found the craft of knitting to be a great facilitator of this.

If you would like to get your hands on your very own custom knit, get in touch with us today. Our Granny Gang are ready to bring your ideas to life!