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The Bonnie Scarf

The Bonnie Scarf

A step-by-step guide to crocheting the Bonnie Scarf

Ever gotten halfway through a project and thought “Hang on, am I even doing this right?” We have 🙋‍♀️

That’s why we’ve created these step-by-step guides to walk you through the process. 

Even if you've never crocheted before, we'll take you from zero to hero in no time 🦸‍♀️

When it comes to crochet, practice makes perfect

Before we start the pattern, we suggest you spend some time learning the basic techniques you’ll need to complete your masterpiece 🤓

The Bonnie Scarf is a dream to whip up and the perfect beginner project. She's made using just one (yes one!) stitch type - the double crochet stitch. You'll want to be confident with this stitch before we start. You'll also want to get a hang of tying a slip knot and chaining which is the first step in any crochet project. 

You can use the yarn that came in your kit to practice with. Once you've got these mastered you'll fly through your beanie.

Total beginner? 👩‍🏫 

For a more comprehensive lesson on the basics of crochet visit our Learn to Crochet page. 

🥣 Test your tension

While we're practising and before you start your project, you'll want to make sure your tension (how tightly or loosely your crocheting is) is juuuust right 🥣 We do this by making a “tension swatch”. It's a bit like Goldilocks, if the tension is too tight, your piece will be too small, and if it's too loose it may not hold its shape and might be too big. 

Gauge: If done correctly, your 10x10cm swatch should be 8 stitches wide and 4 rows high when made in double crochet on a 10mm hook.

To test this, chain on 12 + 3 stitches (the +3 makes your turning chain), then work in double crochet for 5 rows. Then measure a 10x10cm square and count your stitches and rows within that space to make sure you're crocheting at the correct tension. 

If you've got more stitches or rows than the instructions say you should have, your work is a little too tight, and if you've got less your work is too loose. Adjust your tension by holding the yarn a little more tightly/loosely as you crochet.

Onto the scarf, babe!

Kennedy scarf long

⚡️What you'll need

Your kit comes with everything you'll need to make your masterpiece. In your kit you'll find;

  • 10mm hook
  • 3 X balls of Cardigang Chunky Merino Wool
  • A darning needle
  • Made by me tag

You also want to have a pair of scissors handy. 

🧶 Let's do this, happy hooker!

Time to whip up your warm-as-toast scarf.

Remember learning a new skill can be a little challenging at first, and you’re bound to find yourself making some mistakes along the way. But as with learning anything, your brain and your hands slowly start to get the hang of it, muscle memory is created, and soon the thing you found tricky/daunting/scary is like second nature! 💪

If you need a reminder of the techniques, just head back up the page and watch the videos again. 


To start, chain on your foundation chain of 140 stitches. 

💭 Try to make your chain stitches as evenly sized as possible. Don't pull the loops too tight because you'll struggle to work into these loops in your first row. On the other hand, if you make your loops too loose, your project will look a little messy. 

Once you've chained, you'll move onto the first row of double crochet stitch. 


Insert your hook into the 4th stitch from the hook- this is the first and only time we'll insert our hook into the 4th stitch from the hook. For the rest of the rows, we'll work into every stitch. 

Complete one row of double crochet stitches.


This new row, row 2, is the row you'll then repeat for the rest of the scarf. 

First, we create a turning chain. This turning chain builds the height we need to complete the row. Then we will do a double crochet into every stitch in your row. 

💡 We're working just into the back loop. By doing this we create the 'rib' effect in our work. You'll need to make sure that you're putting your hook into the back loop of your stitches and not under both loops (bars) of the stitch.

🍷 Take breaks as you need. Make sure you stretch your body... and we find wine helps! 


Repeat for another 5 rows. 

Make sure you're finishing every row with a double crochet into the turning chain. 


Yes legend, you've made a scarf! 🕺

At the end of the final row, cut your yarn, leaving a long tail and fasten off. 

Use your darning needle to weave in the loose ends and you are finished! 

D.O.N.E! You've finished your beanie, well done! Epic work 🤩 If this was your first-ever crochet project or one of many, we hope you had a blast making your masterpiece 💥❤️

Looking for something a little more personal? 

Sign up for a one-on-one knitting or crochet session with the Cardigang Hotline ☎️. These sessions are designed to help give you the skills you need to create a masterpiece. Whether you're just starting out, or you've got a specific question or problem (dropped a stitch, no stress!), we're here to get you out of a bind.

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