Made from 100% Wool

Good for: jumpers, cardis, scarves, beanies and speed knitting (cosy-chic cardi in a weekend? You bet.) 

    From Sheep to Chic: Elevate Your Style with Chunky Peruvian Wool

    Welcome to Cardigang, the cosy kingdom of chunky wool yarn in Australia.

    Made from 100%Peruvian wool, she’s squishy, chunky, cosy and oozes quality. This chunky wool is super soft and of superlative substance. Plus, she’s custom dyed and spun to order (AKA one-of-a-kind). 

    Prepare to be wool-ly amazed by our fabulous collection, featuring the chunkiest, and most delightful wool you can find. We're here to make your knitting and crochet dreams come true!

    Our Peruvian chunky wool yarn collection is a palette of pure joy, boasting vibrant colors and textures that will tickle your creative fancy. With the softness of a sheep's snuggle and the warmth of a woolly hug, our chunky wool is simply irresistible. It's the stuff knitting dreams are made of!

    Picture this: snuggling under a chunky wool blanket, rocking a stylish oversized cardigan, or turning heads with a trendy chunky wool beanie. The possibilities are endless! Our chunky wool yarn will have you hooked from the first stitch, and you'll be strutting your knitwear like a true fashionista.

    But wait, there's more! Our chunky wool yarn is like a knitting superhero, saving you precious time with its thick and lofty strands. You'll be finishing projects faster than you can say "purl stitch," impressing everyone with your speedy knitting skills.

    Join the Cardigang and let your knitting adventures take flight with our chunky wool yarn. Embrace the pun and the fun as you knit your way through a world of warmth, style, and sheep-approved softness. It's time to get your knit on, my friend!

    So, what are you waiting for? Dive into our fabulous collection of chunky wool and unleash your inner knitting goddess. Cardigang is your one-stop shop for all things chunky and stylish, ensuring that your knitting journey is as joyful as it is cosy. Get ready to be wool-ed over!