We use standard Australian sizing for our knit kits.

Most of our knit kits are available in 8-20, and we're working hard to extend the sizing for all of our kits in a way that keeps the price fair for all sizes.

Stay tuned for more sizing updates in the near future. 

You’ve invested your time and love into your beautiful knit, so make sure you take care of that baby!

Our Merino & Mohair wool should be hand washed in cool water with a wool detergent. Try not to wash your jumper too often, if it gets a bit stinky consider airing it out. 

All our wool is custom spun and dyed, and we are always looking to add new colours to our collection.

Pre-ordering allows you to place an order for colours which are dropping in our next delivery. 

Our yarns are all natural fibres so there will be some variance in texture. Occasionally there will be an extra thin or extra thick part of the yarn - that’s totally normal.

If it’s not too bad, you can knit through it. Otherwise you can cut that piece out of your yarn and then rejoin the pieces. 

Sometime the piece of yarn your working might pull apart. That’s because we’re working with a chunky yarn, that's super fine, and there is a balance between keeping the yarn cozy and soft and making sure it stays together.

If you come across a particularly loose section of yarn, you can cut that section out and rejoin. 

Sometimes two different pieces of yarn need to be joined together to make our wool balls long enough.

When you find a knot, that’s what you’ve stumbled upon! It’s a normal part of the spinning process and you can just knit through it.