The Violet Top

The Violet Top

A step-by-step guide to crocheting the Violet Top. 

Ever gotten halfway through a project and thought “Hang on, am I even doing this right?”

We have 🙋‍♀️

That’s why we’ve created these step-by-step guides to walk you through the process. 


If you're a total newbie - WELCOME! 👋 Learning to crochet can feel a bit daunting to start with. That's why we've stripped away the complicated jargon and tried to keep things really simple so even if you're picking up the hook for the first time you can make a masterpiece. 

Before we get started on the pattern we suggest you spend a bit of time learning the basic stitches you’ll need to complete your masterpiece. You can use the yarn that came in your kit to practice with. Once you've got these mastered you'll find this pattern is a cinch! 

Click here to learn the basics

⚡️Let's get ready to rumble ⚡️


First thing's first. Before you start your project, make sure your tension is juuuust right 🥣 We do this by making a “tension swatch”. It's a bit like goldilocks, if the tension is too tight, your piece will be too small, and if it's too loose it may not hold its shape and might be too big. 

If done correctly, your granny squares should measure 10cm x 10cm when made using your chunky cotton and 9mm hook. 

Onto the top! 

Remember, if you need a refresher on any of the techniques, check out our Learn to Crochet page. 


You can make your top in size 6-8, 10-12, 14-16, 18-20 or 22-24. Your pattern is read like this: 6-8 (10-12, 14-16, 18-20, 22-24). Make sure you're following the right instructions for your chosen size.


Laying flat, your finished piece will measure approximately:

  • 6-8: 40cm wide x 22cm high
  • 10-12: 45cm wide x 32cm high
  • 14-16: 50cm wide x 32cm high
  • 18-20: 55cm wide x 32cm high
  • 22-24: 60cm wide x 32cm high


Your pattern is written in U.S terms.

Our top is made up of granny squares which we sew together and then add straps. Depending on the size you're making the top is 2-3 squares deep and you'll want a nice mix of colours in your squares. 


 🌈 Identify your main colour before you start - you’ll have 3-6 balls of your main colour and you'll use this for the last round of you squares. The other colours in your kit can be rotated as colour 1 and 2 in your squares.   

This is what your finished granny square will look like. 

Granny square finished


For placement, refer to the square charts at the bottom of this page.

We'll use our main colour to join our squares together. We’re using the "slip stitch on the back side" joining method and we'll join the horizontal seams first. 

Joining granny squares horizontal


Once you've figured out the order in which you would like to join your squares, start with a slip knot and hold 2 vertical squares right sides together. 
Starting at the corner, insert your hook through the front loop of the chain 2 stitch closest to the edge you wish to seam. Now insert your hook through the back loop of the chain stitch on the other granny square, slip stitch to join. Insert your hook through the front loop of the next stitch, and again through the back loop of the other granny square and slip stitch to join. Repeat this technique until you reach the next chain 2 space.
Starting at the corner


Once you’ve reached the chain 2 space, slip stitch in the chain closest to the edge you’re working on, and take the next 2 vertical granny squares (holding them right sides together). On the new set of squares, slip stitch in the chain stitch closest to the edge you want to seam, slip stitch in every stitch until the end of that edge.
Joining your squares
Joining your squares


Repeat the above step until all granny squares are joined horizontally.


Using the exact same technique, we will now be working on the vertical seams.
Joining granny squares vertically
Once you reach the horizontal seam chain 1 and continue working into the next square.

To neaten the edges we'll do a row of granny stitch along the bottom and top of your crop. This is what your top will look like once that's completed.  




Using your first colour (not your main colour) chain 33 (35, 37, 38, 39), or the amount required to achieve your preferred strap length. Skip your first chain, then do 1 single crochet in 2nd chain from your hook. Then do 1 single crochet in every stitch until your reach the end of your row. Turn your work. 

Strap Row 1


Change to your second colour. Let’s do 1 single crochet in every stitch until you reach the end of your row. Turn your work.

Strap row 2


Using your main colour, slip stitch in every stitch until you reach the end of your row. Next, do 1 single crochet into the end of each row. Now we're going to work along the opposite edge. Do 1 slip stitch into every stitch until the end of the row, then do 1 slip stitch into the end of each row. Fasten off, leaving a long tail for seaming. 

Strap row 3


Repeat for your second strap. 


You're nearly there! Let's attach our straps.

It's best to try your top on and use your stitch markers to mark the placement of the straps. Then, grab your darning needle and we're going to sew the straps to the body of your top. 

Attached straps


Time to rock your masterpiece 💪🔥🥳

Well done on finishing your top! Epic job. We know from experience that there's nothing quite like that first time someone asks you where you got your top from 😎

We'd LOVE to see how you go! Share your masterpiece with us by tagging @cardigang_knits on socials or by sending us an email at 

Until next time! 😘🧶💕

Morgan & Cat xx



Size 6-8

Square chart size 6-8








Size 10-12

Square chart 10-12

Size 14-16

Square chart 14-16

Size 18-20

Square chart 18-20

Size 22-24

Square chart 22-24