🚨 Knitting SOS - Tips and tricks to get yourself out of a bind

Knitting SOS

When you learn to knit, it's common to make a few mistakes. It's all part of learning! Here are a few handy ways to get yourself out of some common binds when learning to knit. We call this knitting SOS. 

How to undo stitches

Sometimes we need to go back a few stitches in our work. The most common reason for this is we realise a few stitches too late that we've messed up the stitch pattern and so need to go back and fix it. Undoing your work is easy enough - just be gentle and go slowly. 

How to avoid adding unwanted stitches

It's common when learning to knit to accidentally end up with too many stitches on your needle. Here are the two most common ways stitches are added and how to avoid making this mistake. 

How to save a dropped stitch

Dropped a stitch? Don't fret! You can save it by following this technique. 

Common issues with your yarn 🧶

The wonderful world of knitting and crochet can throw up all sorts of challenges, including yarn-related challenges. The majority of our yarns are 100% natural and natural fibres can have a few unique characteristics. We've picked out some common yarn-related issues and the best solutions to tackle them here. 

Yarn that keeps on twisting

This is a common problem for knitters! Unfortunately, it's just part of the process and some yarns twist more than others depending on the way it's spun and the way it's knitted.

The best solution is to let the work 'spin' to unwind. To do this, we recommend you use a hair tie or rubber band and put it over the yarn ball (so that the yarn won't continue to unwind), then hold your work up in the air and let the ball hang and unwind itself.

To prevent it, try using the strand from the outside of the ball, not the one from the inside. That will mean the ball spins as you knit with it and will help to counter some of the twisting. You can also try positioning the ball a little further way from you so the yarn straightens out a little before you work it.

Yarn that breaks 

It's very common for new knitters to work their yarn too tightly which can result in the yarn breaking or coming apart. Yarn can be delicate so it's all about getting the right tension so that your work ends up the right size, and so that we don't put too much pressure and stress on the yarn. If you've found your yarn breaking or splitting, try loosening your tension! 

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