Close up photo of Morgan holding chunky knitting needles and pink yarn

So you want the low-down on knitting?!

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Close up photo of 100% Australian Merino chunky wool in blue, pink and yellow

Made from Australian Merino, she’s squishy, chunky, cozy and oozes quality. This gal is super soft and of superlative substance. Plus, she’s custom dyed and spun to order (AKA one-of-a-kind).

Good for: jumpers, cardis, scarves, beanies and speed knitting (cozy-chic cardi in a weekend? You bet.)

Closeup photos of knitted chunky mohair wool in shades of green

She’s the soufflé of the wool world – super soft, fluffy and light. And despite her airy qualities, she’s deceptively chunky and she’ll keep you totes toasty. Plus, all of our mohair wools are custom dyed and spun to order (AKA uniqueness guaranteed).

Good for: jumpers. cardis, scarves, beanies and feeling generally luxe.

Caring for your cardi 🧼

Handmade knits need hand washing (Hint: putting it in the machine on a hand wash is not technically handwashing – sorry!).

Wash your knit by hand, in cool water with a wool detergent and don't leave her in the water for too long.

Roll in a clean towel to remove excess water and dry flat out of direct sunlight.

TIP! Did you know that wool is 100% biodegradable,  naturally antibacterial and stain-resistant?

It's also naturally elastic, returning to its original shape after wearing.

These magical properties mean you don't need to wash your woollen garments very often, in fact just a bit of fresh air and a lay down can be as good as a wash.

Stitch happens 🫣

When you're learning to knit (and even when you've mastered some of the skills) stitch happens. Things go wrong, you make a boo-boo.

Don't stress, here are a few knitting tips that should make knitting your masterpiece even more fun and possibly less error full.

How to cast on

How to knit stitch

How to purl stitch

How to do all of the basics

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