From Basic to Black Belt

From Basic to Black Belt - CARDIGANG

With these two stitches, you can knit just about anything.

Don’t know how to knit? Neither did we! 

But thanks to Youtube, a bit of persistence and the right tools (🍷), we went from basic to black belt in a matter of weeks. You know what they say, practice makes perfect. And boy did we practice. 

If you google “how to knit” they usually suggest you start with something simple, like a scarf you may never wear. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

We wanted to knit something that would turn heads and receive a tonne of compliments, so we dove in head first and made a chunky wool jumper. Crazy, we know. 

When you first look at a knitting pattern it can be pretty overwhelming, but here’s a little secret. You really only need to learn two stitches and you can knit basically anything! Including said chunky wool jumper. 

These two magical stitches are called “knit stitch” and “purl”. And when combined they make rib stitch. 🤯

But first, let's learn how to cast on. 

The term "casting on" refers to making the first row of loops on your needle.


How to knit a knit stitch

The most basic and common of the stitches, the knit stitches look like little ‘V’’s.

How to knit a purl stitch:

Second only to the knit, the purl stitch is also a knitting staple. It’s essentially the reverse of the knit and it creates little bumps. 

How to knit a rib stitch:

The rib is created by alternating knit and purl stitches in the same row. This stitch is what gives you a stretchy panel on your cuffs and the bottom of your jumper.

If you’re keen to learn the basics, and want to dive in head first like we did, grab one of our knit kits. It has all the gear you need to knit a cozy-chic masterpiece. 

And just like us, you’ll be a knitting black belt knitting ninja in no time. 😎

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