Why knitting is the new yoga

Knitting is the new yoga

How knitting can keep your hands busy and help clear your mind. 

Yoga is known to decrease stress and anxiety and improve mood. Researchers say it’s the relaxation response that accompanies the mind and body practice of yoga that can lead to improved physical and mental health. The deep state of psychological rest calms and relaxes the mind and can have an immediate, positive effect. 

The benefits of yoga are well known, but did you know that knitting can have a similar effect on the mind and body? 

Knitting is a great practice to help focus the mind. The repetition of the practice integrates mind and body and can help you to relax and feel a sense of calm. It forces you to let go of distraction and focus on the task at hand - knit 1, purl 1… 

Knitting is super easy to start and take anywhere. Anyone can pick up a set of needles and a ball of wool and start practicing mindful knitting. We guarantee that after the initial “I have no idea what i'm doing” period has passed, you’ll find it’s a skill that you’ll never lose and which you can come back to again and again over the years. 

Plus that boost to self esteem when you’ve created a masterpiece of your own cannot be beaten! Trust us! 


Our top tops for mindful knitting 

  1. Start each session with an intention - no pressure! It might be as simple as mastering the perfect rib stitch.
  2. Pick a calming environment - pop your favourite music on, or maybe head to the park and sit under a tree. 
  3. Embrace the relaxation - think about breathing deeply and relaxing your muscles so your body can really get into the mindfulness zone.
  4. Knit with intention - concentrate on the task and try to let go of distraction. 


Image credit: @alanna_cavanagh

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